by tanja wijnen

The Pangolin Killers

The Pangolin Killers is an action and adventure book for children between 9 and 13 years. The book focuses on animal poaching and illegal trafficking of endangered animals. It introduces the readers to African countries, cultures and current affairs suitable for young readers.

Liva’s life as she knows it is over when she stumbles upon a wildlife trafficking ring near her new home in South Africa. Along with her brother Carl and new friend Andile, they are soon at the forefront of trying to expose those responsible. This hurls them into the criminal underworld of illegal trade of endangered animals, and a mad rush to save the doomed animals.

The Pangolin Killers follows the trio’s adventures, including their run-ins with a corrupt local police officer and his Vietnamese crime boss, to having to fight for their lives in caves, rough seas… and at school.

But nothing is impossible with a bit of African magic!

Longlisted for the Page Turner Awards 2022

Tanja Wijnen

In my 20s, I moved from Denmark to England, Egypt, Uganda and eventually ended up in South Africa. The magic of Africa has kept me in Cape Town ever since. I live here with my husband Olaf and our three children, Lena, Nils and Thor. We agreed to one pet, but so far have two dogs, a cat and a hamster.

I love kayaking and paddle boarding, and wish I had learned to surf as my kids do! I have a background in law and business, which takes me on exciting trips into Africa. Before that, I worked as a lawyer with NGOs in Egypt and Uganda. The Pangolin Killers is inspired by Congolese colleagues, who introduced me to African herbs, so I could attract a husband. (It clearly worked!).

When I am not in South Africa, I spend time with my family in Denmark.

I want to bring this diverse and colourful African continent onto kids’ bookshelves with entertainment and action stories based on real topics. The first book in the Into Africa series takes place in South Africa. The next book will be set in Congo and Uganda.

Dansk udgave


Skældyrsjægerne er en spændingsbog for børn i 9-13 års-alderen. Bogen sætter fokus på dyreudryddelse, truede dyr og salg af vilde dyr. Derudover er der læren om andre lande, kulturer og politik i børnehøjde. Men intet er umuligt med lidt afrikansk magi!

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